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Guidance for Uploading Audiences created in AWS Clean Rooms to TikTok Ads

Summary: This Guidance assists AWS customers with automating the uploading of TikTok Ads with custom audience data for TikTok Advertiser. It explores the stages of activating custom audience segment data created in AWS to deliver personalized ads in TikTok.


This Guidance assists AWS customers with automating the uploader of TikTok Ads with custom audience data for TikTok Advertiser. It explores the stages of uploading custom audience segment data created in AWS to deliver personalized ads in TikTok.

The uploader for TikTok Ads allows you to use enriched data in AWS to create targeted custom audiences in TikTok. With this connector, you can leverage user profile data to create custom audiences in TikTok in a custom file upload.

Cost and licenses

No licenses are required to deploy this solution. There is no cost to use this solution, but you will be billed for any AWS services or resources that this solution deploys.

Architecture overview

With the Uploader for TikTok Ads, using an event-based serverless connector solution, you can securely ingest first party data along with third party data to create custom audiences in TikTok.

reference architecture diagram

Figure 1 - Diagram for uploading TikTok Ads marketing campaign using AWS

  1. TikTok access token and advertiser_id is securely updated in AWS Secrets Manager

  2. Custom audience data is uploaded in the Amazon Simpler Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket’s designated prefix (<S3 Bucket>/tiktok/<audiencename>/<format>/custom_auidences.csv ) in any of the Tiktok SHA256 supported formats shown below. The Amazon S3 bucket is encrypted using AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS):

    • EMAIL_SHA256

    • PHONE_SHA256

    • IDFA_SHA256

    • GAID_SHA256

    • FIRST_SHA256

  3. Amazon EvenBridge routes the Amazon S3 object event to Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), enabling support for API retry, replay, and throttling.

  4. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue event triggers TikTok Audience Uploader and AWS Lambda function.

  5. The Audience Activation AWS Lambda function retrieves the access token and advertiser_id from AWS Secrets Manager and uploads the target custom audience to TikTok Ads. If uploaded audience is already present, activated Lambda function appends the audiences to current audience.

  6. TikTok Ads advertisers, agencies, or companies leverage this custom audience data as first party audience targeting.


When you build systems on an AWS infrastructure, security responsibilities are shared between you and AWS. This shared model can reduce your operational burden as AWS operates, manages, and controls the components from the host operating system and virtualization layer down to the physical security of the facilities in which the services operate. For more information about security on AWS, refer to AWS Cloud Security.

Amazon S3

Infrastructure components where user data flows through are encrypted using Server-Side Encryption (SSE). Multiple Amazon S3 buckets are created for this solution, and they are encrypted using S3-SSE AES-256 encryption to secure user data.


This AWS service is used to encrypt the data stored in Amazon S3 and Secrets Manager. In addition, AWS KMS is used to encrypt the data in transit through Amazon EventBridge and Amazon SQS.

AWS Secrets Manager

Secrets Manager helps encrypts secrets at rest using encryption keys that you own and store in AWS KMS.

Implementation steps

Manual prerequisites

  1. Setup TikTok API for business developers by following documentation here.

  2. You will need a long-term access token (with Audience Management Permission of scope) and advertiser_id by following the TikTok Authentication API documentation here.

Deploying the project with AWS Cloud Development Kits

The project code uses the Python version of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). To execute the project code, please ensure that you have fulfilled the AWS CDK Prerequisites for Python.

The project code requires that the AWS account is bootstrapped in order to allow the deployment of the AWS CDK stack.

AWS CDK deployment

  1. Navigate to project directory: cd [activation-connector-tiktok-ads](

  2. Install and activate a Python Virtual Environment: python3 -m venv .venv source .venv/bin/activate

  3. Install dependent libraries: python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

TikTok credentials

  1. Update the TikTok credentials in Secrets Manager. Secrets Manager tiktok_activation_credentials are created as part of AWS CDK deployment. Go to the Secrets Manager Console and select tiktok_activation_credentials:
TikTok activation credentials

Figure 2 - Image TikTok Activation Credentials in Secrets Manager Console

  1. Select Retrieve secret value:
retrieve secret value prompt

Figure 3- Image of Retrieve secret value prompt in UI

  1. Add ACCESS_TOKEN and ADVERTISER_ID keys and corresponding Secret value retrieved from TikTok Authentication API:
Secret value fields

Figure 4- Image of Secret value fields

AWS CDK context

Update the cdk.context.json with the bucket name for TikTok custom segment data:

    "tiktok_data_bucket_name": "rajeabh-connector-data-tiktok-001"

Bootstrap the account to setup CDK deployments in the Region

cdk bootstrap

Upon successful completion of cdk bootstrap, the project is ready to be deployed:

cdk deploy

Data Bucket Structure

Targeted custom audience segment data needs to be normalized and hashed in the SHA256 format and uploaded in an Amazon S3 bucket. The Amazon S3 bucket and Prefix should be in this format S3bucket/tiktok/<audience-segment-name>/<format-type>/custom_audiences.csv

Include these parameters:

  • audience-segment-name matches with the name of the audience in TikTok Ads Manager

  • format-type matches with any of the following TikTok SHA256 supported format:

    • email_sha256

    • phone_sha256

    • idfa_sha256

    • gaid_sha256

    • first_sha256

Format-type is NOT case sensitive. For example, you can give prefix name “email_sha256” or “EMAIL_SHA256” for uploading Custom Audiences segment emails encrypted with the SHA256 format.

Amazon S3 bucket

Figure 5- Image of Amazon S3 bucket structure

Protect your user data! Do not store it in client code or share it with users.

TikTok Data File Schema

TikTok API for Business supports custom audience uploads in the following SHA256 encrypted formats. Refer to TikTok API for Business for all supported types for Custom File Upload:

  • EMAIL_SHA256

  • PHONE_SHA256

  • IDFA_SHA256

  • GAID_SHA256

  • FIRST_SHA256

PHONE_SHA256 Example: Phone based in SHA256 format: 3d562b4ba5680ddba530ca888ec699e921b74fcbf5b89e34868d2c9afcd82fb9

EMAIL_SHA256 Example: Email based in SHA256 format: fd911bd8cac2e603a80efafca2210b7a917c97410f0c29d9f2bfb99867e5a589


  1. Copy test custom audiences file from GitHub: /test/tiktok/test_foodies_phone_sha256_audience.csv

    to: S3Bucket/tiktok/ foodies-custom-audience/phone_sha256/ test_foodies_phone_sha256_audience.csv

  1. Verify Custom audience foodies-custom-audience is created in TikTok Ads Manager
  1. Verify Custom file is uploaded for audience foodies-custom-audience in TikTok Ads Manager.

If you upload audience with existing custom audience name, audience data will be appended to the existing custom audience.

TikTok Ads Manager

Figure 6 - TikTok Ads Manager showing audience date appended to existing custom audience


When you’re finished experimenting with this solution, clean up your resources by running the command: cdk destroy

This command deletes resources deployed through the solution. The Secrets Manager secret containing the manually added tiktok_activation_credentials and CloudWatch log groups are retained after the stack is deleted.


  1. TikTok for Business Account
  2. TikTok API for Business
  3. TikTok Audiences
  4. Upload Audiences
  5. TikTok Custom Audience Customer File

Source Code

You can visit our GitHub repository to download the templates and scripts for this solution, and to share your customizations with others.

Document Revisions

January 2023 - Initial Release


Author: Abhijit Rajeshirke


Customers are responsible for making their own independent assessment of the information in this document. This document: (a) is for informational purposes only, (b) represents AWS current product offerings and practices, which are subject to change without notice, and (c) does not create any commitments or assurances from AWS and its affiliates, suppliers or licensors. AWS products or services are provided “as is” without warranties, representations, or conditions of any kind, whether express or implied. AWS responsibilities and liabilities to its customers are controlled by AWS agreements, and this document is not part of, nor does it modify, any agreement between AWS and its customers.

Any customer list output from your Amazon environment that you are seeking to activate through TikTok’s Custom Audiences will still need to adhere to TikTok’s Custom Audience terms, including verifying that data you share with TikTok does not include information about children, sensitive health or financial information, other categories of sensitive information. For full details on TikTok’s Custom Audience terms please review:

AWS glossary

For the latest AWS terminology, see the AWS glossary in the AWS General Reference.